One Million Code to Community Released

25th January 2012

It was a historic moment for the Federal Institute of Science and Technology (FISAT), when Dr. Richard M Stallman, the founder of Free Software Foundation, dedicated one million lines of codes written by its students to the free software community on 25th January 2012. FFSC, free software movement in FISAT has initiated an ambitious project named ”One Million Lines of Codes to the Community” by releasing all projects developed by the students over a period of last two years under the GNU GPL.

FISAT is currently releasing the 100+ projects. The codes are completely peer reviewed, tested and validated to the extent possible. GNU GPL gives everyone the freedom to copy, study and redistribute the source of a project with or without changes. By this, FFSC is reiterating its support to the Free Software Community.

The concerted efforts of FFSC to promote Free Software Movement has made a good impact in the campus and have motivated students to do their academic project works using free software. The students at FISAT are showing a model to others, by releasing their work back to the community which has in turn helped them build their applications. Releasing the code brings the programs developed by the students to the world of free software developers. This will also enable the students to collaborate with developers around the world, enrich their knowledge, gives exposure to the coding standards, and keeps them updated on the latest technology and rapid phase development in the computing world.

FISAT Free Software Cell (FFSC) was started in 2006. Team leader Mr. C Mahesh, Research Coordinator and a former student of the college is the back bone of the project. He is supported by a team of Anil Unnikrishnan, Jijo Thomas, Jerry John, Hari Prasad, Ajay Paul, Ajay Sudhi, Vivek Kanissery, Febin Jose, Paulsin Polachan, Anto Varughese, Alosius Babu, Jithin Joseph, Pankaj Kumar, Dheeraj Ram, Arun Jose, Athira C, Johney James, Mithun Mathew, Salman Khan and Reeshma Remesan for code maintaining.

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