National Workshop on ‘DSpace for Building Institutional Repositories and Digital Libraries’

21st to 25th October 2008

A five day National Workshop on DSpace for Institutional Repositories and Digital Libraries was held at Federal Institute of Science and Technology. Experts in various aspects of Knowledge Management and faculty of the college lead the sessions.
Dr. ARD Prasad, Documentation Research and Training Centre, ISI, Government of India, Banagalore said that in DSpace an old tradition and a new technology converge to make possible an unprecedented public good. The old tradition is the willingness of scientists and scholars to publish the fruits of their research in scholarly journals without payment, for the sake of inquiry and knowledge. The new technology is the Internet. The public good they make possible is the world-wide electronic distribution of results of public funded research completely free of cost and in unrestricted access to it by all scientists, scholars, teachers, students, and other curious minds

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