"Open Judo", a review and analysis system developed by FISAT

14th February 2015

The research team of Federal Institute of Science And Technology (FISAT), Angamaly developed and contributed "Open Judo", a review and analysis system designed to aid the jury in Judo competitions and the system was successfully used for 35th national games. This system used in Judo competition held at VKN Menon indoor stadium Thrissur helped the jury make quick decisions in many matches.
The State Judo Association officials, in search of a tool similar to “third umpire” system used in cricket to be used in National Games approached the research team in FISAT, explained the need and gave their requirement. The research team took the challenge and after several rounds of discussions, submitted a project report to the Association which was accepted. Based on the project, a system was developed using c++ and used open source computer vision libraries and open video codecs and tested in local tournaments. Enhancements were made based on the feedback from the experts and finally the system was successfully used in the national games. The software received huge appreciations from many of the organizers and officials of 35th National Games Kerala 2015. The system which is going to be land mark in technology support for indoor games in international level will be handed over to the National Judo Association after upgrading as per the feedback from National Games officials so that it can met International level system quality in game and player analysis and also as referee support system.

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