15th February 2012

FISAT today took a big challenge. A fete that will put them on the Guinness Book of World record. The challenge was to create a thousand self portraits using digital camera in an instant. No one has attempted such a record in the world before. Almost everyone who has a camera in the campus came all prepared. The fact that each one of them could become a part of the Guinness world record brought in a lot of enthusiasm. There were students from every class..B.Tech, M.Tech, MCA as well as MBA. To top it all, the college Chairman Mr. P V Mathew, Principal Dr. K S M Panicker and a good number of staff members joined in. Students were arranged in grids, named alphabetically. There were 28 grids of 20 each and there was one steward for each grid, who ascertained the number of people in the grid and the eligibility of the photos they clicked. Every photo was saved and quality ascertained afterwards. The photograph was meant to contain only one face. It was an herculean effort in planning and executing the event for that instant of thousand clicks. The final confirmation and the formal announcement of the record from the Guinness world record authorities will be done in a couple of weeks time. The Guinness authorities will also provide all the participants with a certificate of achievement for all the participants. Frames, the photography club of FISAT is eagerly waiting for that glorious moment!

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