One Million Code to Community Released

25th January 2012

Free access to knowledge in every field is crucial to achieve fast and inclusive growth, said Dr. Richard M Stallman, Founder of Free Software movement. He was speaking after releasing One Million Codes to the Community project of the FISAT Free Software Cell.

Commenting on the release of codes to community, Dr. Stallman said that GNU GPL gives everyone the freedom to copy, study and redistribute the source of a project with or without changes. Releasing the projects and codes brings the programs to the world of free software developers. This will also enable the students to collaborate with developers around the world, enrich their knowledge, gives exposure to the coding standards, and keeps them updated on the latest technology and rapid phase development in the computing world. This will hopefully inspire other students to think in this direction.

In spite of the popularity of the Free Software movement, only a handful of developers have contributed to this movement. Educational institutions should be able to contribute more to this. Instilling the concepts of free software movement in educational institution, while they are still learning fundamentals of software development is one effective way of tackling this issue, he concluded.

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