Learn technology in the company of nature - SWAN

25th July 2011

Learn technology in the company of nature. That is the unique identity of FISAT. Green palms and meadows, a nature friendly environment away from the hullabaloo of city. Yes, you will find irresistible to be a FISATian.
To keep the rhythm, SWAN, (Sanguine Workers and Admirers of Nature), the Nature Club was started in FISAT. Its objective is to promote interest and knowledge about the environment and provide opportunities to acquire attitudes, values and skills needed to protect and improve the natural environment.
Each of its programs is unique. Last day SWAN members decided to become floriculturists and make campus serene by jasmine flower farming. They have conducted a campaign of planting Jasmine in the campus. Mr. P V Mathew, Chairman, FISAT Governing body, Mr. E K Rajavarma, Treasurer, FBOAES, Dr. K V Sundaresan, Principal, Dr. C Sheela, Vice Principal, Mr. Paul Joseph, President, Mookkannoor Grama Panchayath and Ms. Shirley, Officer, Krishi Bhavan, Mookkannor joined them and shared the excitement. The effort was amazing. Together they could plant more than 400 saplings. The next step is to adopt the whole agriculture work in FISAT campus and its continuation. We aim to keep our campus GREEN and CLEAN, said student Representative Mr. Donit K Philip.

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