Second International Conference on Advanced Computing and Communication Technologies for High Performance Applications

C S E Dept of FISAT in association with CSIR, DST, Computer Society of India and IEEE has organized 2nd International Conference on ‘Advanced Computing and Communication Technologies for High Performance Applications’ from 7th till 10th Dec 2010 in the Campus.

Dr. K.T.Arasu, Professor at Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Wright State University, USA delivering the keynote address on the third day of the international conference said that Design problems are regarded as “The Correlation Problem. He said that recent research by many communication engineers and combinatorial mathematicians has resulted in the discovery of a few rich classes of sequences all of whose out-of-phase auto correlation values are very small. It is called the constructed sequences as perfect sequences and they serve as perfect algebraic/combinatorial objects in designing signals for communication purposes.
Modern communication systems often require large sets of codes with highly peaked auto-correlation and minimum cross-correlation. However, the problem of designing families of sequences having low values of the periodic and aperiodic cross-correlation functions is a difficult one. More new sequences have been discovered recently. The result is to increase their number, keeping an acceptable level of cross- correlation.

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