International Conference on Advanced Computing and Communication Technologies for High Performance Applications

24th to 26th September 2008

The valedictory session of the International Conference was held on 26th. Mr. P V Mathew, Chairman FISAT Governing body presided. Dr. Pailo Paul, Mr. E K Rajavarma and Mr. J C Prasad spoke on the occasion.
During the valedictory function of the Conference, Robert Bob Marcus said that ‘Parallel programming is perhaps the largest problem in computer science today’ “ Parallel software has an uneven record from research perspective. This is an exciting opportunity – new programming languages, new instructions, set architectures, new interconnection protocols and the like… The platform ranges from multicore chips and GPUs(Graphic Processing Units) to cloud computing environments. There is a growing consensus that data parallelism is necessary for scalability in many application areas”, he added.

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